What We Do

Most people aren’t quite sure what’s wrong with their equipment, or what to do about it. Many others are trying to setup a new office but aren’t sure how to proceed.

Luckily, we have a lot of experience finding the problem and the best solution.

Our most commonly performed services are:

  • Virus removal
  • Data recovery
  • Building custom PC’s
  • Upgrading older PC’s with new hardware/software
  • Setting up printers, routers and other accessories
  • Troubleshooting office productivity software (Quickbooks, Microsoft Office, etc)
  • Installation of network infrastructure (wiring, patch panels, servers, phone systems)
  • Installation of surveillance systems (DVR and cameras)
  • Consultation related to offsite backups, domain and file sharing systems, and network security

Ransomware attacks are becoming more frequent. To help you keep your critical data safe, we’ve partnered up with Carbonite. They can help you store your data in an online vault, where no one can get to it (except you!).

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